Tony Ethapemi

Tony is married with two children and lived in Brent most of his life. His professional experience has been in local government for the last decade, before specialising in immigration and housing as a solicitor. Tony has been a member of the Labour Party since the ‘90s and has been campaigning at general, local and assembly elections since joining the party.

Tony was elected as a Labour Councillor for the Brondesbury Park ward in 2018, taking the seat from the Conservatives that year. As a Councillor, Tony has prioritised community work and engagement and has served on the council’s community and wellbeing committee.

Tony has been selected as a Labour Party candidate for Stonebridge Ward for the 5 May local elections. He is excited to represent such a diverse area close to where he calls home – Tony will be easily accessible and approachable with any problem, big or small.

Tony enjoys various types of sport such as rugby, soccer and athletics. He is an Arsenal Supporter, who also enjoys reading biographies and music.