Brent Labour are making things happen.  We have the track record of delivering for you.
On Thursday 5th May, elect your local Labour candidate that’s working hard for you.

Our Track Record of moving forward together in Brent


Tests, Jabs, PPE

Throughout the pandemic we supplied millions of life-saving PPE items to our partners, distributed thousands of Lateral Flow and PCR Tests and supported the NHS with over 600K vaccinations.

We proudly delivered food to shielded residents and shared thousands of food vouchers to students on Free School Meals.

With your vote in May, we have a golden opportunity to renew Brent with a common purpose and take action on the long-standing economic, racial and health inequities that remain.


in road repairs

We’ve invested £20m to repair 128KM of roads and pavements: enough to get you from Brent to Dover. We maintain nearly 330KM of pavements each and every year.

In the last year alone, we’ve filled 1,109 potholes and invested millions in Church End and Wembley High Road to re-pave the town-centre.

With your vote in May, we will invest a further £15m on the next phase of repairs to our roads and pavements and we’ll re-double efforts to enable more travel by foot, bike and public transport.

4,533 TREES

planted across Brent

We’re creating a greener Brent to tackle the climate emergency – and with 4,533 trees planted in the last 4 years, we’re doing our bit, tree by tree.

We preserve and protect 110 parks and green spaces in Brent, alongside our 22 wild-flower meadows and bee corridors.

With your vote in May, we will double the number of trees planted in our last term and we’ll invest more in our parks and sports to facilities, upgrading paths, pitches and playgrounds.


emissions by 2030

We declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency in 2019 and have cut our emissions in the council by 67.7% over the last decade.

We’ve also established a Carbon offset fund, with residents deciding where our money is best spent to protect the environment.

With your vote in May, we will continue to decarbonise the council, electrifying more of our vehicles and making it easier to dispose of household waste, through our Community Skip Programme.

OVER 1,000

new council homes

We’re building our way out of the housing crisis with over 1,000 new council homes and over 5,000 affordable homes with partners.

We’ve purchased 354 homes to be let at affordable rents with our council-owned company Invest 4 Brent.

With your vote in May, we will turbo-charge our council housing building programme further, bringing more sites forward and work to retro-fit our homes to reduce energy bills.


Borough of Cultures

Thanks to Mayor Sadiq Khan, Brent Council was awarded the honour of London Borough of Culture, with a programme celebrating our diversity, masterminded by our young people.

We have also been awarded ‘Council of the Year’ by the Local Government Chronicle.

With your vote In May, we will continue to promote our outstanding schools and work with the Mayor of London to provide professional mentors to young people with the greatest barriers in life.