Amer Agha

Amer is a resident of Welsh Harp, and graduated in Medicine (MBBS), MSc. Clinical Haematology, & a Diploma in Primary Care Health Management, and has worked in the NHS since 2005. Throughout his adult and professional life, he has shown great avidity and interest in politics. Engaging in issues that affect not just him, but also the lives of the wider community and the world around him, he is passionate about promoting cohesion and integration to help break down stigmas and prejudices.

Being a local councillor since 2014, his mission is to help Welsh Harp residents meet the challenges of the day and face the future; with a vision for healthy living, green spaces, an excellent inclusive education, a safe neighbourhood and high quality homes.
Effective representation of the residents of Welsh Harp; and giving a voice to minority communities is what Amer will prioritise.