Abdi Aden

Abdi has lived and worked in Brent since the 1990s. Abdi is interested in fostering community development and cohesion leading him to become involved with local politics; standing in his first local election in 2010.

He has been councillor for Stonebridge ward since 2018 and has been involved with many committees focused on improving the borough. He is currently the Mayor of Brent.

Abdi prides himself on cultivating good relationships with the residents, working with the Police and council officers to tackle issues around anti-social behaviour (ASB), street cleaning, and fly-tipping. Abdi has listened to residents’ concerns and is committed to working tirelessly to ensure the continuous improvement of services available to the local people of Stonebridge.

He will support the delivery of effective, efficient, and timely council services for all who live and work in Brent. Abdi believes passionately in community cohesion and if elected, he will strive to represent Stonebridge’s diverse community.