Tazi Smith

Tazi Smith’s story is a pre-Windrush story – values from her father who arrived into Southampton from Jamaica in 1947 and the work ethic of her mother, also from Jamaica, who arrived in London in 1961: a working-class upbringing, from visionary parents who regarded hard-work and education as the means to progress.

Tazi is extraordinarily proud to be serving as a councillor in the borough where her journey began.

As a councillor Tazi is a member of the Agreed Syllabus Conference, Audit and Standards Advisory Committee, Audit and Standards Committee, Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee and Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education

Improving digital connectivity in the ward, enhancing the wellbeing of Brent’s elderly population; and engaging  with the local community are guiding principles for Tazi in her work as a Councillor.