Bhagwanji Chohan

Bhagwanji Chohan has been a councillor for Alperton since 2010. Bhagwanji has served in multiple roles in Brent Council, most recently as Mayor of Brent between 2017-18 raising thousands of pounds for the Asian Women’s Resource Centre in Stonebridge and the Akshaya Patra Foundation UK – which works to eradicate classroom hunger and facilitate childhood education.
After moving from Kenya to London, Bhagwanji worked as a bus conductor and booking clerk, before setting up his own grocery business which he successfully ran for 23 years.
Bhagwanji is a life-long member the Brent Indian Association and a Founding Trustee of the Grand Union Development Trust. He also serves as a joint Member of the Co-operative Party for Brent and Harrow. Bhagwanji will work with residents and businesses to clean-up Alperton and strive to improve the environment.