They Are Laughing At Brent

In 2020, 583 people died from Covid in the borough of Brent. Countless more lost loved ones. We missed special moments, gave up on a family Christmas, and in many case lost the chance to say goodbye. The people of Brent followed the rules.

Now it is clear that not only did Boris Johnson’s Downing Street fail to follow the rules, they laughed about it and then they lied about it. They are laughing at every single person in Brent who did their best to help our community get past this terrible virus. And now they are lying to our faces.

Again and again and again with this government, they let us down then they lie – and now we know they are laughing at us behind the scenes. It’s one rule for them, another for everyone else.

If you have had enough of being laughed at by this government and want to do your part to get them out, then sign up using a button below to campaign with us across Brent: