Boris Johnson's Great Tory Train Robbery

Under Boris Johnson tube and bus fares in London have become the most expensive anywhere in the world. The cost of a single bus journey has increased by 56% and a zone 1-6 travel card is over £440 more a year – that’s a bigger hike than even gas and electricity bills.

Sign our petition to say no to yet another inflation-busting fares hike and ticket office closures. It takes one click to add your name.

Not only are you paying more, you are getting worse value for your money. On Monday the Mayor’s plans to cut staff and close every ticket office in London were revealed – making commuting more difficult and less safe and cutting jobs.

You are paying more and getting less. It really is a Great Train Robbery.

In September Boris Johnson must decide how much fares will be next year. With Londoners already facing a cost of living crisis we simply cannot afford another above inflation hike.

We are calling on Boris Johnson to:

  • Say NO to another inflation-busting fares hike.
  • Keep his manifesto promise to keep a ticket office open at every London Station.

But we need your help!

Please sign the petition in one click.

If enough Londoners sign up Boris Johnson will have to back down. And don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

Please also tweet about the fare increases and ticket office closures at your local station using #GreatToryTrainRobbery.

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