Stop the Great Tory Train Robbery

Sadiq Khan MP, Shadow Minister for London joined Hampstead & Kilburn PPC, Tulip Siddiq, at Queen’s Park station to highlight the impact of Boris Johnson’s ticket office closures all the while introducing inflation-busting fare increases.

Under Boris the cost of a single bus journey has increased by 56% and a zone 1-6 travel card is over £440 more a year – that’s a bigger hike than even gas and electricity bills.

photo.jpgThe Mayor now plans to cut staff and close every ticket office in London – making commuting more difficult and less safe by cutting jobs. TSSA union bosses, who represent ticket office staff, said 2,000 jobs could be lost in two years. You’re paying more and getting less.

Sadiq Khan recently challenged Boris Johnson to freeze travel fares for cash-strapped Londoners next year.

Giving his first speech since becoming shadow minister for London, the Tooting MP said: “Boris Johnson has an abysmal record of hiking fares year on year that has contributed enormously to the cost-of-living crisis in London.

“London fares are now the most expensive in the world.

Adding, “[The Mayor] must recognise that Londoners are struggling and that their budgets can’t keep stretching forever.”

He argued that freezing fares would be cheap compared with cash “wasted on the Mayor’s vanity projects”, such as the £354,500 “Boris Buses”.

In September Boris Johnson must decide how much fares will be next year. Sadiq Khan and many others joined at Queens Park station to save its ticket office, to say no to ticket office’s closing and to say that Londoners are already facing a living cost crisis and simply cannot afford another inflation hike. 

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