Save our Welsh Harp

Brent Labour Party opposes plans submitted to Barnet Council by developer Barratt Homes to build 2,000 new properties including four large tower blocks, right next to the Welsh Harp, one of London’s biggest nature reserves.

As a Site of Special Scientific Interest if approved this development will threaten the Welsh Harp’s extremely rare ecology and wildlife. In addition the proposed tower blocks would mean that hundreds of residents could have their views obscured and lose a significant amount of natural light. 

We are also concerned that local infrastructure is not designed to cope with such a large influx of residents, and the substantial volume of extra traffic could bring Cool Oak Lane to a daily standstill.

Brent Labour Party believes the Welsh Harp must be preserved in its current form for families from across Brent to use and enjoy. Allowing this development to go through is a slippery slope to more building on and immediately around the Welsh Harp. 

We are fighting to save our Welsh Harp. Will you join us?

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