Manifesto 2014

Brent Labour Manifesto 2014 by brentlabourparty

Most people think political manifestos should be a contract.

This contract is our manifesto.

In a few weeks, on Thursday May 22, people in Brent will decide who will run their council for the next four years.

It’s a decision that will have a huge impact on the future of everything from our area’s schools to our streets to our local economy.

These are tough times for our borough. There’s a cost of living crisis on, and – thanks to big cuts from the Coalition Government – Brent’s Labour-run council is having to make changes to the vital services that local people rely on.

With less money to go around, we’ve had to think a bit differently.

But, by doing just that, we’ve developed a fully costed plan to bring down your energy bills, build 3,000 new affordable homes across our borough, help 1,000 local people get jobs, create 3,500 new school places for our children and clean up our streets.

It’s a plan to renew our borough’s sense of community. Because Brent Labour believe that together we’re better, and that by working together we can turn the challenges we face into opportunities and emerge from these tough times as a stronger and fairer borough.

You can read about this plan here- in our manifesto contract above or in the second part of our manifesto, which spells out our commitments to you in a bit more detail: 150 ways Labour will make life better for the 312,000 people who call Brent home

Brent Labour Manifesto 2014 by brentlabourparty

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