Stop the Harlesden Incinerator


Brent Labour opposes any plans to build an incinerator on Channel Gate Road. Labour councillors have wrote to Ealing Council outlining strong objections.

A number of key reasons were provided for our objection to the project: 

1. The site is in very close proximity (approx 150-200m) of Brent residential properties, which will result in the facility having impact on residents through extra traffic congestion, odours and poor air quality.

2. Increase in the number of HGVs using Brent residential roads and passing through areas used by the local primary school. There are already traffic issues caused by extra HGVs using residential roads to access the site to get to the Powerday site as a result of the Mitre Bridge being closed. As the proposed site is next to the Powerday site, this will only further increase traffic levels and cause noise and disruption to residents.

3. Data used to assess Brent air quality levels are inaccurate and show the air quality to be better than it currently is. The Harlesden area has some of the worst air quality levels in London.

4. Insufficient information provided to ensure odour levels are kept to an acceptable standard for local residents. 

5. The increase in volumes of waste processed on the site from 148k tonnes to 195k tonnes per annum. This will undoubtedly have a significant impact on Brent residents. There should be a new consultation exercise to take into account the proposed increase in levels of processed waste at the site.

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