Defend Brent's emergency services

999SOS1.jpgThe safety and security of Brent's residents are at risk as a result of cuts to emergency services (the police, fire brigade, ambulance service and A&Es) being pushed through by the coalition government. 

These cuts are going too far and too fast.

In Brent alone the scale of the cuts will endanger our families and our communities:

Less police on the streets

1. In Brent we have lost 26 sergeants, 65 police officers and 69 PCSOs. 

2. 62 police stations are now at risk of closure. Boris wants you to report crimes at the local supermarket!

Fire Station Closures

1. Boris is cutting £65 million from the London Fire Brigade budget

2. 12 fire stations, 18 fire engines and 400 fire fighters are to be cut in London

Privatisation of the NHS

1. Central Middlesex A&E is facing total closure

2. A&E waiting times have soared, patients now wait an average of six hours on a trolley

3. 560 fewer ambulance staff in London means less staff to respond in an emergency

Show your support for Brent's emergency services by signing up today.

We call upon the government and Mayor Boris Johnson to think again about their cuts to our emergency services in London, which go too far too fast and which risk the safety and security of Londoners.

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