Andy Burnham Visits Central Middlesex Hospital

On the 5th July Andy Burnham visited Central Middlesex Hospital on the NHS’s 65th birthday to discuss with clinicians and patients the benefits of integrated care.

Andy.jpgMr Burnham has criticised the system of having three separate care services for one person - physical needs, through the mainstream NHS; mental needs, through a detached system on the fringes of the NHS; and social needs, through a means-tested and charged-for council service, that varies greatly from one area to the next.

Burnham believes that the gaps between the three services are getting dangerous, and fears that such a disjointed system will leave all, or some, of individual healthcare needs unmet. As a solution he has proposed a full integration of health and social care. One budget, one service co-ordinating all of one person’s needs: physical, mental and social.

Andy has invited Brent in addition to a select few other local authorities to join a scheme to pilot his vision of 'whole person care'







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