Brent Council to pay Living Wage


The Labour-led Brent Council are moving forward plans to support low paid workers and boost the local economy after it agreed to pay the London Living Wage (LLW) of £8.55 per hour to all directly employed council staff and agency workers.

Brent Council will be joining four other Labour-run LLW councils in London. No Conservative-run councils have signed up to the scheme.

The LLW will boost incomes for the people of Brent. Research by the Living Wage Foundation has shown the LLW reduces staff turnover, improves productivity and reduces sickness absence.

Whilst this is a great achievement there is still a lot of work to be done. Over a quarter of workers living in Brent are paid less than the LLW. Our next step is to work with schools, businesses and other organisations to promote the living wage for all those living and working in Brent.

Brent Council Leader Councillor Muhammed Butt said:

"We are showing our commitment to lifting the incomes and living standards of our residents and employees by seeking to become a London Living Wage employer. I know how hard it is for many people out there at the moment, so by taking a lead on fair pay we can make a real difference to people's day-to-day lives.

 "This is just one step among many the council is taking to promote fairness and support economic growth in our community during these difficult times."

Labour Councillor Michael Pavey, who is Brent Council's London Living Wage champion, said:

"The London Living Wage makes excellent business sense. It enhances productivity and reduces recruitment costs. I look forward to working with local businesses to roll the London Living Wage out across Brent."

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