Boris slammed for no-show at fire cuts meeting

Local London Assembly Member Navin Shah supported a motion today slamming the Mayor of London Boris Johnson for refusing to attend the fire cuts public meetings. The motion condemns Boris for snubbing the meetings where he would have had the opportunity to make the argument for the cuts he has demanded from the London Fire Brigade.

Londoners are invited to challenge Boris Johnson directly next week on his proposed cuts to the London Fire Brigade as well as cuts to the Metropolitan Police and London’s housing crisis at the annual State of London debate held at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster.

The consultation on the Draft Fifth London Safety Plan finishes on 17 June. Residents can also contribute to the consultation through the Fire Authority website, where more details are available:

Local Labour London Assembly Member Navin Shah said:

““It is deplorable that the Mayor has imposed these cuts after many members of the London Fire Authority and London Assembly had clearly signalled that the level of cuts proposed by him were totally unnecessary. We gave the Mayor a fully costed plan to keep these much needed front line services but he has chosen to continue with his misjudged plans.

“Londoners have a final opportunity to challenge the Mayor directly about his cuts to the emergency services, the cost of living in London, and London’s housing crisis at next week’s State of London debate. Boris has refused to attend any of the fire cuts public meetings to make the argument for the cuts he has demanded from the London Fire Brigade. He has made life harder for Londoners and they have a right to be angry.

“Hard-working Londoners are struggling to afford daily life in what is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The Mayor gets a lot of media attention for what he says but not nearly enough attention is paid to what he does, or in most cases hasn’t done for London. This is a chance to take Boris to task and let him know what you think his priorities should be for London.”

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